Trying To Save Money On Mulch? Safe Brush Chipping Is For You

Trying To Save Money On Mulch? Safe Brush Chipping Is For You

If you are looking to put mulch near your shrubs and also get all of those loose branches laying around in your yard, you might want to consider brush chipping. Before you go rent one, here are some tips on staying safe while doing it.

Don’t get complacent
Yeah, you may have used that old brush chipper 5,000 times, but it doesn’t matter if you make a mistake on occasion number 5,001. Even the most seasoned experts can have something happen because something unexpected happens or because sometimes they take unnecessary chances.

Avoid loose clothing or anything else that could get caught
Most accidents happen when that shirt sleeve was just a little too loose and gets caught up in the machine. Either make sure that your sleeves are tight or roll them up your arm so that they are in a safe position. Things such as jewelry or long hair could be a potential problem as well.

Look out for flying objects
We’re not talking about UFOs here. Whether you think the machine will reject the branches or not you should wear safety goggles and a hard hat.

Remember, people who do this for a living are constantly holding safety meetings so it’s always good to remember that you can never be too safe when it comes to woodchipping.