Getting started with lawn aeration

Getting started with lawn aeration

Lawn aeration can help grass that looks unhealthy become much greener and carpet-like. So who wouldn’t want to do it if it’s needed? Here are some tips from Dawn West from All About Lawns on what you should do to aerate your lawn.

Evaluate your grass
First off, talk to someone familiar with landscaping to figure out whether you have a warm or cold-season type grass. For cool, you would aerate in the fall. For warm, you would aerate in the spring.

Choose you aerator
You can either use a coring machine or a manual foot-pressed aerator. It’s only recommended that you use a manual aerator for a relatively small yard. The motorized coring machine makes things easier but with its bulk, might be harder to operate.

A few days before your aeration you should plan on watering your lawn well. This is so when you start, the soil will be moist and make the process a bit easier.

Time to aerate!
When you aerate, you will see little cores of dirt pop up from the ground and land on your yard. While these might be unsightly, give them a few days to crumble and redistribute nutrients in the soil. You will be able to crumble them by using your lawn mower or a rake.

Source: All About Lawns